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Dental Cleaning

Dental CleaningOne of the main reasons the American Dental Association recommends to everyone that they should schedule a visit to the dentist at least twice a year is to have their teeth cleaned professionally. A professional cleaning by a dentist cleans teeth much better than brushing and flossing alone will be able to. Our El Monte dental cleaning expert explains how dental cleanings work.

Plaque is the sticky pale substance on our teeth that, when not removed, turns into tartar. Tartar is a harder substance and brushing and flossing alone will not be able to remove it. A Dental cleaning by our expert in dental cleaning in El Monte is designed to remove tartar from teeth, including even hard-to-reach areas like under the gums on the tooth roots.

Dental Cleaning El Monte

The first step in a professional cleaning is to knock as much tartar loose as possible so that our dentist will not have to scrape it off by hand. To do this, the dentist uses an ultrasonic device that creates vibrations in the teeth. These vibrations are specially tuned to jar the tartar loose from the patient’s teeth without much effort. While this is happening, water is being cycled through the area to rinse away the tartar, completely removing it to prevent it from accidentally going down the patient’s throat.

After this is done, only the toughest tartar remains. To remove this, our El Monte dental cleaning expert will use their highly-specialized skill along with fine tools to scrape it away from the tooth by hand. These fine tools are small enough to remove tartar from the tightest crevices of any person’s teeth. Once removed, this tartar will also be rinsed away with water.

Finally, the dentist will polish the patient’s teeth with a buffing tool. This is method is very similar to buffing a car except on a much smaller level. Our expert in dental cleaning in El Monte will use a small rotating rubber cup to shine the tooth and create a beautiful smile.

A professional cleaning performed by our dentist in El Monte is essential to maintaining excellent oral health. Call today to have the tartar removed from your teeth and to have your smile buffed to a beautiful shine.

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