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Dental Exam and X-Rays

Dental Exam and X-RaysRegular dental exams can play an important role in maintaining your dental and general health. Most patients need dental exams at least twice a year. Our El Monte dental exam expert may recommend a more frequent exam schedule if you have certain dental or overall health issues so that we can reduce any associated risks.

Dental Exams El Monte

Our expert in dental exam in El Monte will begin by evaluating your overall health and your dental hygiene. This allows us to better determine your risk of serious dental disease, such as periodontal disease, tooth decay, root decay and bone loss. We will also evaluate your need for restorations or replacement teeth and check your bite for any abnormalities. A thorough cleaning will remove plaque, tartar and superficial stains from your teeth. After reviewing your at-home dental hygiene practices, we may make recommendations that can help you improve or maintain your dental health.

Dental X-Rays El Monte

Dental X-rays can be a helpful diagnostic tool. They allow us to see between your teeth and check the structures beneath your gums and around your teeth. Our El Monte dental X-ray expert may recommend annual bitewing X-rays that allow us to better see the crowns of your teeth. Periapical X-rays allow us to see the bone and the surrounding structures, and occlusal X-rays allow us to check your bite. These X-rays may be performed only on an as-needed basis to diagnose or rule out specific dental health concerns. A panoramic X-ray may be performed at regular intervals or before beginning specific treatment protocols. Discuss your needs with our expert in dental X-ray in El Monte, who can better address your unique smile concerns.

After your dental exam, we will discuss our findings. If you have symptoms of dental disease, we will discuss the next appropriate steps, which may include further diagnostics or the development of a treatment plan. We will explore each of your treatment options and explain alternatives. If you are ready to learn more or schedule your appointment with our El Monte dentist, give us a call today.

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