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Dental Extraction

Dental ExtractionWhen a person has a tooth that is decaying, or has become damaged for any other reason, so much so that it is impossible to restore, our dentist in El Monte often recommends having the tooth extracted. A tooth extraction is a procedure that completely removes a tooth from a patient’s mouth and jaw. Such a treatment is often necessary to prevent other teeth from becoming damaged and allow for the replacement of the tooth that is no longer functioning.

A tooth that has a cavity so severe that the patient is in extreme pain, it is impossible to restore the function and health of the tooth, or both, will most likely require extraction. Our El Monte dental extraction expert performs an extraction by first measuring the tooth and gaining a full visual of it by taking an x-ray. Once it is decided that the tooth must be extracted, the area around the tooth is numbed. Once the patient is pain free, the dentist will use a pair of forceps to grip the tooth and gently slide it out of the socket. For tooth extractions that are slightly more complicated, a small surgical incision may be necessary to fully remove all of the tooth’s structure.

Dental Extraction El Monte

After the removal, the expert in dental extraction in El Monte will prescribe both a pain reliever and an antibiotic. The antibiotic is used to prevent infection to the area and the pain reliever may or may not be necessary depending on how uncomfortable the patient is feeling.

A dental extraction can also be used to remove a tooth to allow for an orthodontic procedure to correct a smile that is overcrowded, or possibly for patients who have periodontal disease as well. A tooth extraction is considered a very safe and easy procedure for our expert in dental extraction in El Monte to perform. Once the extraction is completed and the area is healed, a replacement tooth will be recommended to fill the gap that is left in order to restore function and to prevent other teeth from shifting.

If you have a bad cavity that is causing major pain, or you believe you need a tooth removed for any other reason, contact our El Monte dental extraction expert today to schedule a consultation.

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