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I Don’t Want to Get Radiation from Dental X-Rays

i dont want to get radiation from dental x-raysMany dental patients worry about the exposure to radiation from dental x-rays after hearing about the potentially harmful effects. Patients that don’t want the x-rays, however, cannot be diagnosed with 100% accuracy, because the inner structures of the tooth are not able to be viewed, otherwise. In fact, the State of California and the California Dental Association have mandated that all dentists must take X-rays of new patients prior to any treatment.

Allure Dental Arts follows strict protocols to have radiation safety, and exceeds the state laws and requirements. This includes routine inspections, testing and radiation monitoring, having up-to-date permits and licenses, personnel supervision and training, radiation shielding, record keeping, and the best possible equipment. What’s more, Allure Dental Arts only uses state-of-the-art digital X-rays, which only emits 10% of the radiation of traditional, film X-rays. You can compare a digital X-ray to a few hours of radiation of sun exposure without sunscreen.

That being said, pregnant women are advised NOT to take any dental X-rays, especially in their first and third trimesters. Elective treatments of any kind, such as veneers or teeth whitening, are also not performed on pregnant women. Emergencies are of course accommodated for pregnant women, with written consent of potential side effects. Pregnant women are always advised to get clearance from their OB/GYN before obtaining dental work during pregnancy, and if a woman suspects she may be pregnant, she should not take X-rays.

Allure Dental Arts always considers the health and safety of its patients above anything else. For that reason, these minimally-invasive X-rays are required before treatment. Patients coming from another dental office may give us their previously-taken X-rays, provided that they are less than 6 months old.

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