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Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and OnlaysIf you have a tooth that has suffered significant damage, you may be happy to discover that there are treatment options that can help you avoid dental extraction. In the past, porcelain crowns were generally recommended for teeth that had suffered damage beyond what could be treated with a traditional dental filling. Today, you may be able to choose inlays or onlays, or indirect fillings, instead. Our El Monte inlays and onlays expert often recommends inlays an onlays as a conservative alternative to porcelain crowns.

Dental Inlays El Monte

Porcelain crowns are extremely effective in restoring the strength, function and appearance of a tooth that has been severely damaged. However, they require considerable alteration of healthy tooth structure for placement. Dental inlays require significantly less alteration. An inlay is an indirect filling that is designed to fit in between the cusps of teeth. The inlay is made in a dental laboratory for a close, precise fit. Our expert in inlays and onlays in El Monte uses porcelain that matches your tooth enamel precisely for an aesthetically appealing restoration.

Dental Onlays El Monte

If the damaged tooth is missing one or more cusps, our El Monte onlays and inlays expert may recommend an onlay, which is designed to restore the cusps of the tooth. The process for receiving inlays or onlays is quite similar. Our expert in onlays and inlays in El Monte will begin by examining your tooth. If any decay is present, it will be cleaned out, and the tooth will be prepared. Dental impressions will be taken to send to the lab that will create your new onlay. Once your onlay is ready, it will be bonded into your tooth for a seamless look and feel.

Dental inlays and onlays are made to last for years. They are durable, resilient and stain-resistant. Once your new inlay or onlay has been placed, you can keep it and your teeth in great shape by continuing to brush twice a day and floss daily. Regular checkups are also important for your dental health.

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