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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal TreatmentA root canal treatment is used by our El Monte dentist to restore the function and health of tooth that is decaying due to a bad cavity. A cavity that is left untreated will become so severe that the infection caused by the bacteria will begin to not only affect the outside of the tooth, but the inside as well. The center part of the tooth, called the pulp, is connected to a major nerve, and, once this becomes infected, it can be quite painful.

 Once the tooth’s pulp has become infected, the patient’s only two options may be to have the tooth extracted, or to have our El Monte root canal treatment expert perform this procedure. A root canal is the process of removing the entire infected are of the tooth, including the pulp inside. This essentially kills the tooth but it does allow the structure to remain, which is an advantage this treatment has over an extraction. Our expert in root canal treatment in El Monte will drill out the cavity, and then use a tool to clean the inside of the tooth all the way down to the root.

Root Canal Treatment El Monte

When a root canal treatment is performed, the patient is put under local anesthesia so that they will remain comfortable and pain free throughout the entire process. After the treatment is completed, our El Monte root canal treatment expert will need to seal off the opened tooth to protect it from becoming infected again, or otherwise damaged. A porcelain crown that fits over the top of the tooth is a great way to protect it and restore it back to full function. A porcelain dental crown can be matched to the exact color and shape of the patient’s natural teeth to create a seamless restoration.

If you are in extreme pain because of a bad cavity and you are interested in another option that does not require the removal of the affected tooth, a root canal treatment may be right for you. Contact our expert in root canal treatment in El Monte today to schedule a consultation where we can examine your tooth and explain this procedure further.

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