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What Does Periodontal Maintenance Mean? Can’t I Get a Regular Cleaning?

What Does Periodontal Maintenance Mean Cant I Get a Regular CleaningEl Monte Dentist, Dr. Bijan Afar, may tell his patient that it is necessary to get dental hygiene cleanings every 4 months if they have gum disease gingivitis, or a more serious form called periodontitis. The reason for the more frequent dental hygiene appointments is to keep the gums healthy and free of plaque and tartar buildup. Unfortunately, once the gums have been diagnosed as receded, evident by inflammation, tenderness and bleeding, nothing can regenerate them. However, the process of further recession can be halted.

Those that are interested in an El Monte dentist should educate themselves on how to keep current on their dental cleanings and what they can do at home to keep their gums healthy. Periodontist Dr. Afar recommends twice-daily brushing for two minutes per session, as well as flossing. Dr. Afar reminds his patients of the importance of flossing, as brushing only addresses tooth surfaces, but not the buildup in between teeth. Keeping up-to-date with hygiene appointments and brushing daily is highly important so the gums stay healthy and there is no further gum recession, which in turn can cause bone loss, and finally, tooth loss.

While some may not realize it, the gums are actually integral to whole-body health. If you are interested in a top dentist in El Monte, please call Allure Dental Arts today at (626) 534-6260!

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