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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth RemovalWisdom teeth are relics of human’s past. Just like our tail bone and appendix, wisdom teeth are body parts which were once essential to our ancestors but have little to no use to us nowadays. Our El Monte dentist explains.

Tens of thousands of years ago when our ancestors ate raw meats and hard grains, and before the times of toothbrushes and dentists, their teeth would become easily damaged. Halfway through their lives, wisdom teeth would grow in to help them replenish teeth which were lost or damaged.

Today, when our wisdom teeth grow in, they often do more harm than good. Because many individual’s teeth are in perfect health in their late teens and twenties when their wisdom teeth come in, there is no space in the mouth for extra teeth. Therefore, wisdom teeth end up creating alignment issues by shifting teeth that are perfectly straight, or not protruding through the gums at all and causing pain.

Wisdom Teeth Removal El Monte

In order to prevent such issues that will inherently occur, our El Monte Wisdom teeth removal expert recommends having these unneeded teeth removed as soon as such issues are discovered. In rare cases, wisdom teeth will grow in just fine, and in these cases they will not require removal. However, more often than not, patients will require an extraction from our expert in wisdom teeth removal in El Monte.

There are wisdom teeth in both the top and bottom of the mouth. It is not uncommon for one set of wisdom teeth to cause problems and the other set to come it without issue. Other times, both sets will need to be removed. Through experience, our El Monte wisdom teeth removal expert has seen more problems with the top set of wisdom teeth than with the bottom set.

If you are beginning to experience pain in the back corners of your jaw, it is likely due to your wisdom teeth beginning to grow in. Contact our expert in wisdom teeth removal in El Monte so they can conduct a thorough examination to determine if your wisdom teeth will come in without issues or if they will need to be extracted.

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